Call for Papers

Papers from ICMIT 2023 dealing with fundamental research and application of mechanical engineering, microelectronics and information technology will be considered for publication in the conference proceedings and presentation at the conference, including but not limited to:


TOPIC A: Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering


Applied Mechanics

Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics


Automotive Engineering




Compressible Flows

Computational Mechanics

Dynamics and Vibration

Fatigue and Fracture

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Fuels and Combustion

General mechanics


Heat and Mass Transfer


Acoustics and Noise Control

Instrumentation and Control

Internal Combustion Engines

Machinery and Machine Design

Manufacturing and Production Processes

Marine System Design

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Power Engineering


MEMS and Nano Technology

Multibody Dynamics

Nanomaterial Engineering

Noise and Vibration

Non-destructive Evaluation

Nonlinear Dynamics

Operations Management

PC guided design and manufacture

Plasticity Mechanics

Precision mechanics, mechatronics

Production Technology

Resistance and Propulsion

Robotic Automation and Control

Solid Mechanics

Structural Dynamics

System Dynamics and Simulation

Textile and Leather Technology

Transport Phenomena





TOPIC B: Microelectronics and Industrial Electronics

Electrical Power Systems

Power Engineering and Power Systems

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Energy Conversion

High Voltage Engineering and Insulation

Power Delivery


Renewable/Alternative Energy

Power Electronics

Power devices and components

Power quality control

Harmonic analysis and compensations

Switching circuits and power converters

Motors and drives

Smart grid

Distribution generation

Electrical vehicles

Photovoltaic Materials

Solar Cells;

Electronic Device

Circuits and Systems

Semiconductor Devices

Analog Circuits

Digital Circuits

Mixed Signal Circuits

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Sensing and Sensor Networks

Filters and Data Conversion Circuits

RF and Wireless Circuits

Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits

Low Power Design

VLSI Physical Design

Biomedical Circuits

Assembly and Packaging Technologies

Test and Reliability

Advanced Technologies

Nano-electronic Devices


Embedded Systems;


TOPIC C: Computer Science and Applications

Computer Architecture

Computational Biology


Knowledge and Data Engineering

Learning Technologies

Multimedia Services and Technologies

Mobile Computing

Parallel/Distributed Computing

Grid Computing

Pattern Analysis

Machine Intelligence

Software Engineering

Visualization and Computer Graphics

Numerical Algorithms and Analysis 

Computational Simulation and Analysis 

Data Visualization and Virtual Reality 

Computational Mathematics 

Computational Graphics 

Computational Statistics 

Scientific and Engineering Computing 

Parallel and Distributed Computing 

Grid Computing and Cluster Computing 

Embedded and Network Computing 

Signal and Image Processing 


TOPIC D: Information Engineering and Technology

IT Bio/Medical Engineering

Bioinformatics and applications


Business and Information Systems

Information Security and Forensic

Information Retrieval

Data Mining

Knowledge Management

Electronic Commerce

Health and Medical Informatics

Hybrid information technology

Algorithm Design

Analysis of Algorithms

Cloud Computing

Cognitive Science

Computability Theory

Computational Complexity Theory

Computational Linguistics

Computational Neuroscience

Computer Animation

Numerical Analysis

Operating Systems

Programming Paradigms

Quantum Computing Theory

Requirements Analysis

Scientific Computing

Computer Programming

Database Management Systems

Evolutionary Computation

Expert Systems

Information theory

Logic Programming

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Network Topology

Numerical Algorithms

Software Design

Software Development Process

Software Engineering

Software Testing

Symbolic Mathematics

Ubiquitous Computing


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